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On A Lighter Note….

Since my last post was a little solemn, I will give you epic hilarity to counteract any ailments you might have procured for any reason today.

The Skinny: Construction workers try to stop an out of control concrete buffer – the commentary is what makes it pure gold.




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Video Game Fun

A coworker showed me this.

I was laughing so hard I had to share with you guys.

This makes me want to pick up Battlefield 3. After I beat Skyrim and get sick of MW3………..


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Sweet Mother of …….

Youtube is the gift that keeps on giving. Check out these sweet sword-n-dance moves. The magic starts around 54 seconds, but I suggest watching everything.

*Note grandma in the awesome shades kicking back a beer and watching with glassy-eyed, mind bleeding interest.*


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I….I Work Out

Actually I don’t anymore. I’m about to change that later this week. My new job has a gym bigger than most gyms I have seen, but I digress.

What I am actually getting at is guilty pleasures and quirky things in general. Do you have a song/movie/book that is a guilty pleasure. Something that you really like but at the same time might be a little embarrassing if somebody knew about. I have posted about this before, but it is something that interests me. Not so much what it is that people find as guilty pleasures, but why they feel they are guilty pleasures.

I’ll be the polar bear and break the ice.

I like this song and I think the video is hilarious, even though it makes my fiancé question a multitude of things about me.



Probably not safe for work, children, and dead pan senses of humor.


This probably seems odd to you, fair enough.

Imagine reading a book and a character references this music video or song. Say it is some quirk or guilty pleasure of theirs. I bet you will remember that character, I bet you will color them in a bit more with your imagination crayon. See how that works?

I try, success varies, to instil as much life into my characters as possible. That can mean having them hate cats, listen to weird music, say odd things at the end of sentences.

“I say man, you have a duck on your head, what what.”

“I do not!”

“You most certainly do. I can’t imagine why that would be, what what.”

This is something that Sir Terry Pratchett does very well. In fact this is a real example. Pretty nifty eh?

Anyway, my question to you. What are some of your own personal guilty pleasures and quirks and what are some of your characters. Compare them and maybe you will see something interesting.



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How C-3PO Should Have Sounded

This made me laugh my ass off. Seriously, this would have made C-3PO 1000x more interesting.

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Cardboard Warfare and Post Editing

Here is a sweet video with cardboard guns, blood, and some cgi shenanigans.


So I finished my novella today. Debating if I should just send it in to the next quarter of Writers of the Future or send it to Asimov or Analog. Getting a paycheck for my story would be nice, it would also help with some rather vicious school loans, although if my last entry doesn’t win then maybe this story will? Yes, that is a bit of a stretch and a dream but a playa has a right to dream. Which happens that I do and it involves beaches and being paid full-time to write.


So for the next week I will be meticulously and methodically breaking down my story into its components, checking the flow, voice, science, depth, and description to ensure maximum efficiency. Editing is probably my least favorite part of the entire writing process, but it is as important as writing. Taking away excess fat from your story, or killing your darling, can turn a paragraph of mediocre dialog into a one sentence solid gold bomb. With the exorbitant amount of research material I have purchased over the weekend this should actually move quickly. The goal is to have the story completely polished by next weekend. From there I will decide where to send it and then I will ultimately return to my novel, which should have been refined and polished months and months ago. Where does all the time go? Probably where are all the lonely people do.

In editing I get to see all the grammatical errors and awkward sentences I produce like a drunk rabbit in a whore house. I am aware my grammar is horrid, I think and have been told that it is my biggest weakness in terms of writing. I like to think that isn’t terrible because there is always revision, but who knows, maybe I just don’t get it.


Anyway, my question to you is, what is your biggest weakness that needs lots of tidying during revision?

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The Batman Complex

I’m to tired to think right now, so I’m going to leave you with an interesting video. It is called The Batman Complex.

It is a fan edited video with a twist on Batman. Watch it!

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