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Sex and Violence

So I partake in many forms of media for my sensory exercises. Not necessarily that I’m addicted to being entertained, but I do enjoy a good book/movie/cd/video game. I like to feel the character’s emotions and enjoy their situation, good or bad, or feel the flowing vibe of a good song. Sometimes when I get pissed at a character’s actions or their predicament, I am still having fun. Just on a different level.

Granted there are times when I want to punch a wall because it is annoying and borderline unbearable, but I do enjoy being moved through the motions. One thing that does irk me to no end is when sex and violence is used just for the sake of using them. I like action movies and I’m a fan of nudity just like the next guy, but to just blatantly do it for the sake that you can, it really takes away from the experience for me. I might be crazy and alone on this one. If I wanted to watch senseless violence without any really plot device or purpose, I’d go to an MMA fight. It is what it is and you know that going into it. If I wanted to watch people have sex all day, I’d just watch porn. It is what it is and you know that going into it. I just don’t like when these two things are used to fill a gap or void in something because the story is a thinly veiled piece of shit.

By no means am I a prude or uptight, heh, just poke around my blog and you can figure that out. I am simply a strong believer in ‘There is a time and place for everything’ mantra. I do firmly believe that and sometimes it saddens me because I find things highly critically acclaimed or loved simply because some celebrity gets nude or somebody gets stabbed to death with a carrot. More and more it seems things are touched on for sensory exploitation and everything else is background noise. Just hit the hot buttons and everything falls in place. That annoys me.


How do you feel about it?


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