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Gamers – Unlimited Resource


So I was shown this on another website by some gaming buddies. I thought it was so awesome and interesting that I would show you guys.

Here is the skinny:

Researchers made a video game called FoldIt to simulate protein folding that would help solve some respectable scientific problems. Today it was reported that the players of the game have solved a problem revolving around an issue with the HIV virus. Just so you know, this is a big deal.

Taking complex problems and putting them in a video game to utilize human reasoning and problem solving is a relative new concept. By doing this scientists can take large problems that computer processing cannot necessarily solve easily. This is an awesome usage of community, unused resources, and technology that really shows what people are capable of doing when they work together…….. or in competition…… depends on where you stand on the idea. It also shows how far intellectual skills have come and can be used to achieve goals under wide-spread platforms. This really is amazing.




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Book Country

There is a new website designed to help budding writers not only get valued peer and professional feedback, but also help you break into the word business. All done before right? Here is the kicker, not only is it free, but you retain all of your rights. Did I just blow your mind? It gets better!

The peer system is designed for honest critiques. That means you cannot phone in it just to get your stuff reviewed, you have to contribute in some form. Before you can even submit anything, you have to review three other pieces of work. During your critiques, you can’t just say, “Oh I loved this story, it shows heart and depth,” and call it good. You have to give examples and specific details in order for your critique to count.

The site is heavily moderated to keep it friendly and honest, and the moderators aren’t afraid to banhammer any asshats. But to forewarn you, this isn’t for the super sensitive. Based on the reviews and feedback that I have seen, it is a tough love critique site. When something is written and it is awesome, you get praise, when something isn’t working or confusing, you are told in detail. Just know that if you submit a piece, prepare to receive some honest reviews.

Penguin Group put the whole thing together to help writers in their struggle to break into the business. The site launched in March April 26th and is still in beta, but in that time Penguin has bought two novels from writers on the site. Interested yet?

I need to finished my last touches on my book and slap get my happy ass on the website.

Edited: I had some information wrong about the website. Colleen Lindsay, who admins the website, corrected my wicked and asshattery ways. The crossed out stuff is wrong, ignore it or you can proceed to mock me in the comments. 

The website is HERE.

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Check Out My Friend

Ahh, that is where he has been.

Hay guys, if you like my blog, check out my friend and fellow writer’s blog. He is an aspiring writer like me. We have the same tastes in books, same random musings, and the same sense of humor. We are working on several stories together and are hoping to build a little community of writers to sound board ideas and writery type things with. Click on the link and check him out, I’m sure you will laugh your ass off and have a good time.

You can call him Al.


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