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Evil Dead 2 With Style

This is the Evil Dead 2 trailer, it has been all rotoscoped like.

I’m posting this not only because I’m a huge Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell fan, but because I think this just looks freaking sweet.

What do you think?


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Worst Science Fiction Movie Ever

Over at io9 the folks are doing a March Madness bracket on the worst science fiction movies ever. I suggest you head on over to io9 and put your vote in. Some movies are so amazingly pinned together that it is hard to measure how much they sucked because the movie titles are measurements of suck themselves.


Waterworld v Batman and Robin

How do you pick between those two?  I would reason that Batman and Robin was 3 Waterworlds. Then again I could argue that Waterworld was 3 Batman and Robin. I guess there is a 1:1 ratio there so the pairing makes sense.

I picked Batman and Robin because of the Bat-nipples.





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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

Ok, this looks awesome. I’m convinced.


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Lock-Out Trailer

I passed over this trailer a couple of times before finally just clicking on it. Boy am I glad I did, this movie (or at least Guy Pearce’s character) looks interesting.

1) It takes place in space. If you didn’t know I am a Science Fiction fan. Lets hope they get physics right.

2) The dialogue sounds interesting, even if a little juvenile. Apparently the guy’s wife takes coupons, who knew?

3) This is the most important, it has Satan in it. Lets see if he un-pimps zhe ride.


*For those who don’t get #3, here you go:

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The Greatest Speech

This is probably one of the greatest monologues I have ever heard. It comes from the Charlie Chaplin movie called The Great Dictator, it is the ending speech of the movie.

I really have only one word for this speech, art. What really grabs me is that even though it is dated, it is still relevant.


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Live Action Retro Gaming

Here is an awesome video of live action retro gaming. It is as awesome as it sounds.

Next up is a Minecraft musical, complete with hissing and exploding zombies.


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Still Rioting…

I just read this.


For the lazy:

After 3 long months, Bloody D has finally scored the inside scoop on the plot crunch for The Evil Dead, and honestly, it’s pretty damn disappointing.

The reboot is true to the roots of Raimi’s original as it follows a group of friends who hole up in a remote cabin, discover the “Book of the Dead” and accidentally unleash an unrelenting group of Deadites.

The “new spin” is the motivation behind the trip, with the lead character taking his younger sister to the family’s cabin to help her kick her drug addiction. Without her drugs she becomes insane and difficult to control, which makes it impossible to see that she’s actually possessed.

The worst part, though, is that one of the friends unleashes the demons by deciphering the Book of the Dead and reading the passages aloud. (Yeah, because just some kid would know how to read ancient text. Sigh.)


This makes me upset. Bruce Campbell and I are going to start a revolutionary resistance for soiling one of my favorite movies of all time.

I’m going to pull back posting about movies, it is getting too depressing. Why must they remake everything under the sun? Why?

I read that the major studios were going to remake the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time. Nothing is sacred anymore.

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Be Back Later, Busy Rioting

What the hell?

Moby Dick is being made into a science fiction movie? If I had an ounce of faith left in movie makers I might be semi-excited. Instead I’m about to flip some cars over and throw molotov cocktails. Seriously, Melville is rising from the grave to bring a literary zombie apocalypse upon us.

Not to mention an already horribly B-rated Moby Dick: 2010. Renée, we will always have Xena.

You can find the source here.

What the hell? x 2

Piece of advice, if Patrick Stewart did it, leave it alone. You won’t beat it.

Now look, you made him sad.

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How C-3PO Should Have Sounded

This made me laugh my ass off. Seriously, this would have made C-3PO 1000x more interesting.

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So if you haven’t heard, Legendary is taking another crack at an American Godzilla. Here is the sculpture the movie makers are supposedly using as their model.

This is for several reasons:

a) Hollywood doesn’t have two original ideas to rub together to save celebs from all the plastic surgery they get to inflate an already ridiculous idea of ‘beauty’.

b) American Godzilla didn’t go over as intended, money wise. So having hopefully learned that deviating from already proven and working idea, Legendary pictures is going back and sticking (generally) to the original concept.

c) Godzilla is awesome.

I am not sure how I feel about this because I am a rather huge Godzilla fan. I was very upset with the last version and am very apprehensive about the 2014 release. The Japanese were insulted enough to add the American Godzilla to the last Japanese Godzilla movie called Final Wars in which ‘Zilla’ gets his ass handed to him quite pointedly.

Still, I have a kernel of hope after seeing the basic idea for Godzilla’s appearance.  Here is the sculpture the movie makers are supposedly using as their model.

What do you think?


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