I Was Kidding……

So remember my post about the all purpose zombie tool? Well somebody decided to actually make and market one.

Time to break that piggy bank open and squee with nerdy glee.

It is called the The DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47 and it means serious business ( *insert drum rift*).

AK47 + Chainsaw =

Of course if you are a manly lumberjack that oozes masculinity this can be used to defend yourself from Gentle Ben and hippies. You know, for the kids.


The DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47 is a weapon specially customized to battle zombie hordes by attaching a battery-charged chainsaw to the end of the barrel, as well as a EOTech Zombie Stopper XPS2-Z Holographic Sight which puts a biohazard symbol on your target instead of the classic red dot. DoubleStar hasn’t announced when or if this will go on sale, but its less fancy DSC Zombie Slayer predecessor sells for $1,249.99, so the Zombie-X is likely to be a bit pricier.

I particularly like the holographic sight side mounted, so you can shoot zombies with style.


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3 thoughts on “I Was Kidding……

  1. I saw this and I have a few issues.

    1. It’s a battery powered chainsaw. During Z-day, slicing through brain stem, I want confidence that my saw will never stop. Batteries scare me.

    2. The large ammo drum looks impressive but could take a lot of effort to change out in a pinch. Smaller magazines would be a faster reload when you need it.

    3. The decals are kind of lame.

    Even with me saying all this…

    I still want it.

  2. Can I get one? I’m always a Zombie fan. My son is now into it too although mainly on iPhone games. That is cool for them to actually market it…always a fun post my friend. Hope you like the “HUG” award…not meant for the zombies!

  3. Nick says:

    cut both my arms off and give me those.

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