Dubstep & Writing

Between going in and out of meetings  and being harassed by people in different departments from stupid to insanely hard questions, I have basically given up hope to listen to audiobooks at work. This was once one of my favorite ways to pass time at my job. Listen to the book and just work, enjoy the fruits of my imagination painting a picture. Sounds simple right?


I have started leaving my iPod at home and canceled my audible subscription. If I’m not in a meeting or talking to somebody about something, I eventually run through my work load and start hitting bumps. These bumps are in part what I’m paid for, which demand my entire attention and sometimes can cause me to start bleeding out of the ears because the problem I am faced with is the software equivalent of putting makeup on a bull, mid bull ride. These are daily exercises in building character.

I  just found out I have been inadvertently doing linear algebra in my head. Kind of shocked me because I am very bad at math (not like I don’t get it, more like I have to work five times harder to than normal people to understand what they consider simple concepts).  I never thought I would ever learn/utilize this level of math in my life. But the way that the tech world works, things change and you better adapt. So take that and multiply by two because I have started a new project at work, good-bye ability to enjoy audiobooks at work.

This has left a gap in my awareness. I can’t just sit and not have anything to listen to. I have listened to the music I own and digested it so much that I spend more time skipping songs than I do actually listening to one. I’ll pick one, listen to it, skip for about three or four hundred songs, listen to another, rinse and repeat. So I am over my music collection and this has left a gap in my attention span, I somehow feel mentally naked without something to process in the background. It is a very odd feeling.

I can’t just NOT listen to something, that would mean listening to gossip and the guy behind me and his extremely personal hourly phone calls. I can only hear about Crohn’s Disease in detail for so long. So, with my lull in music, I have decided to fully embrace dubstep.


Yeah, I know.

For the past few days I have submerged myself into this very, very odd and sporadic music genre. Imagine catching a fish then getting it drunk and electrocuting it, then imagine putting it in a giant fish tank where a dinosaur with a laser attached to its snout constantly tries to snap at the fish through the glass. Now imagine being that fish.

That is what listening to dubstep feels like.

I’m not even remotely exaggerating.

The moral of all that? Dubstep is very hit or miss for me, but the songs and bands I have discovered are exactly what I need to fill the space in my head while I try to work; just enough to ignore, but awesome enough that I can enjoy it while working.

I fear what would happen if I listened to dubstep while I wrote. If it was remotely coherent it would probably read like a lab rat’s drug induced wet dream, just imagine Muppets with human eyes.

As for writing, I haven’t been doing a ton of it, but I have been consistent. I just finished another story and that makes me very excited and happy. I’m already two stories completed into 2012, which makes me feel very accomplished. Even though I had started both of them in 2011, I’m just going to ride this wave of productivity and say I have kicked ass.

I have several different stories submitted out in the world, some a second phase of feedback and others in that WHY HAVEN’T THEY EMAILED ME BACK YET stage of post-submission anxiety. I swear I won’t allow myself to get it, but it happens…….every time.

Other than that, life is good. Wish school loans would go die in a car fire. I could blog four years on how a 13% interest rate on school loans can really be a turd in your cereal.

I follow politics fairly close and have wondered if I should chime in with a blog or two. Some interesting things are going on within the Republican field. Not to mention all the shenanigans that Stephen Colbert and John Stewart are doing.

Few other posts to make but are super secret still. I will publish them when I can.

Back to the word mines!

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8 thoughts on “Dubstep & Writing

  1. Muppets with human eyes.

    Way to ruin my childhood in one short sentence..

  2. Glad to hear you’re submitting stories. Keep doing that once you feel you’ve polished them sufficiently, and try not to feel anxious.
    In my experience, the ratio of Acceptances/Rejections is about 1/9, so every rejection is a step closer to the magic no. 1. I tell you this not to make you feel bad, but to help you arrive at a working philosophy for submitting. Every writer needs a philosphy; otherwise, the process is just hell, particularly when you’re starting out.

    • Frank Bishop says:

      Oh I know, you are right. I have been writing for awhile, just now getting to the point where I feel I should really start the process of collecting rejections. It is a rite of passage almost.

  3. Congrats on finishing a story! Hey, slow and steady wins the race, just remember that.

    Yah, the GOP primaries are fun to watch. I could hear the collective sigh of relief when Perry quit, of course, that just means he’s heading back to Texas. Sorry for showing you our crazy, ya’ll.

  4. Nisha says:

    You know I felt like a real country bumpkin because everybody was talking about Dubstep and I thought it was an actual band! Thanks for informing me, I don’t feel so ignorant now 😉 (I quite enjoyed that song actually!)

    Good luck with your stories. I’m also writing shorts so I know that feeling when you complete one… 😀

    • Frank Bishop says:

      Yeah that song is actually pretty catchy. It is currently my obsession.

      I try to write short stories well, but I am half convinced it isn’t my fortee – thus I keep trying out of stubbornness.

  5. Nick says:

    wub wub wub wub wub unst unst unst unst unst DROP THAT BEAT

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