Stand By..

I’m here, I’m alive.

I’ve been attacked by ferrets, beating them to death by using one of their kind as a bat of furry fury and manliness.


I just took a little time off, relaxing and spending some time down the rabbit hole (my imagination you perverts…).

So after not checking my email and my friend’s blogs for nearly 3 weeks, I have close to 250 emails about posts and comments to go through. So if I don’t comment or check your post, don’t be offended – i’m just catching up.

As for posts forth coming, I have some news about writing that I’d like to share when I know I can get away with it.

I also want to reblog the short story I posted a little while ago, I tweaked it after Danielle’s feedback. Lets see how that goes.

So what did I do? Spent most of Christmas vacation in the emergency room and taking care of my fiancée with a football injury. I had to pain-killer sit, that was fun. She didn’t really have a football injury, but apparently it was painful. All is well now.

So here is some zen.

Check it out, somebody made submarines for hamsters. No seriously…. check it out. Apparently my ability to make hyperlinks is borked (technical term), so go here:


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3 thoughts on “Stand By..

  1. Welcome back… I bet you’re wired up for some creative work and expression of all the amazing thoughts and imagination you collected. We’re in for a treat in 2012. Happy New Year!

  2. I learned something today.

    I thought the animals attacking this man were mongooses. Turns out they weasels. It also turns out that weasels and otters and ferrets are all very closely related. The mongoose doesn’t even come close.

    Why am I telling you this? I really don’t know. But I really just looked at some Wikipedia articles for a good ten minutes trying to figure this whole thing out.

    Happy New year Frank.

  3. Oh I thought you’d been arrested or something. 😉

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