The weekend was a really productive time for my writing. I essentially left my phone in the bedroom and hung out in the living room writing and playing Skyrim. Surprisingly it wasn’t entirely eaten up by an obsession of killing dragons, collecting dragon priest masks, and lighting bunnies on fire with a well placed fireball, they squeak when they die – sadistic I know but entertaining none the less.

As I was hacking dragons into evenly filleted and quartered pieces for grilling and pan-searing, hay starving kids in Windhelm, I was getting inspired by the landscape of Skyrim and some of the damn good lore. I spent the weekend switching back and forth and I must say, I found it very rewarding. Progressed about 15k words into my book The Frosty Crag, probably of which 5-6 are quality or at least near golden.

With that being said, I took some advice from Peter V. Brett and ordered Writing to Sell by Scott Meredith.  Supposedly this is a good indicator of the marks that agents and publishers are looking for. That doesn’t mean that taking the entire book to heart ensures a contract and debut novel, a lot of factors go into getting a book published and writing a quality piece is only a part of it. I figure it couldn’t hurt and might learn something. I figure it never hurts to improve one’s craft so I am just branching out and grabbing some insight/advice where I can. As always the advice that my readers and commenters leave is always appreciated.

Another great resource comes from Donald Maass, you can find his books on writing here.






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5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. The book sounds good, Frank. Have you heard of SOLUTIONS FOR WRITERS by Sol Stein, and THE WRITER’S JOURNEY by Christopher Vogler? They’re good, too. We’ve got them in our local library over here, but I don’t know how it would be where you are.

  2. So true, “it never hurts to improve one’s craft.” The stuff we read and learn from others can prove invaluable with our work. The ideas from our readers and what they want is a guide to what we should write or the subject of our writing. But above all, it should be about what you love and passionate about. It should about what fulfills you and make you happy. It should about something that will celebrate you and the difference you made in the years to come. You are a talented man with a big heart. In time , everything will come into place for you. Happy Holidays my friend.

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  4. Awesome progress! Congrats!!

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