Moment of Zen

To keep you entertained while I slave away at throwing words on paper and hoping something coherent and interesting sticks.

I have been doing stuff, promise. Until then enjoy some random funny pictures I am using to cover my lack of posting and general talk of things.


PS. Google a Cosby Sweater at your own risk.



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8 thoughts on “Moment of Zen

  1. You made me laugh today when I needed it the most. Thanks. As for the pelvic xray…is that a dude? I have real stories of what people accidentally sat on or fell on …or so they say, Hmmm? stay cool my friend….

  2. That is a Buzz Lightyear up a person’s rectum.

    I… should resist the urge to make terrible jokes about this.

    But really, is this what Buzz was thinking about when he said “To infinity and beyond”?

  3. Nick says:

    Alright, as a film fan that fast and the furious strip was downright hilarious. WHAT A TWIST!

  4. El Guapo says:

    Yeah, that’s the last time I google something from you…

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