Current Writing Projects

I’m writing down all of my writing projects. This is to show you what all I’m working on and for me to have a concrete place for me to check my projects. I might tab this and turn it into a page. I’d like one of those nifty word progress track bar, I don’t know how to get one in my blog.

Despite my recent lack of blogging and video game addiction, I have written fairly consistently. I finished a short story a few days ago. Need to edit it out some more and gonna ship my baby to be weighed, here is hoping it is a golden child. *fingers crossed*


The Other Side of Nowhere – 117,000. In last revision.

Carousel – 12,000 +. First draft.

Fantasy Book Project – Early stages of writing and concept mapping.

The Frosty Crag – 20,000 +. First draft.

Short Stories:

Violence  Breeds Violence, Repression Breeds Retaliation – 14,000. In last revision.

The Uncanny Blossom – 11,500. Completed.

Lament of Vicksburg – 2,000. Completed.

Gatekeeper – 4,000. In last revision.

Things Left Behind – +  Early Stages.

Unsavory – + Early Stages.

Homini Homo Lupus – 9,000. Last Revision

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4 thoughts on “Current Writing Projects

  1. goldfish says:

    Very nice. I might have to do a similar progress post. The thing I’ve really come to like about NaNoWriMo is seeing tangible progress. I do so love charts and graphs. If you find a word tracker thing, let me know.

  2. […] Mr. Frank C Bishop has inspired me to create a post of current writing projects and where I am with them. What I’ve come to love about NaNoWriMo is the tangible progress. I love updating my word count and seeing what comes of it, like so: […]

  3. Awesome work, Frank! Try the tracker on this link, it’s what I’m using.

    Copy the link into your blog and voila, a tracker!

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