Random Childhood Facts

Ever been scared? I don’t mean walked in on your grandmother bent over a tub nude scared. I mean horrified to the bones and your brain starts shutting down while the reptilian brain takes over, fight or flight. Terrified so thoroughly to your core that you almost contemplated forsaking all decency and running around completely naked screaming the world is ending and the Mayans are right?

I have.

Many times in fact. The first comes from an early age.

I was about 12 or 13 and on my way to visit my grandparents that live in Mississippi for the summer. Part of this 12 hour hike to swamp land involves driving through Arkansas.

Now before I continue let me clear. I come from rednecks. I am not a redneck, but I have family members that are. So the ways of the country man are not a mystery/surprise/shock to me.

A few weeks before my siblings and my customary summer ship off to grandma’s house, I had stayed on a Saturday night and watch Deliverance.

No, don’t leave! Hang in there.

So while trekking through Arkansas mountains, windows are down and we are enjoying the crisp country air, I hear banjos.


See somewhere in on our route to my grandmother’s house, I forgot there is a country store called Ferguson’s and they have giant speakers outside that blasts music through the hills, peaks, and crags of the mountain.

Just watched Deliverance + banjos + Arkansas + rural mountains = heart stopping fear.

Even now, when I am out and about I hear banjos, I pucker. If you haven’t watched Deliverance, then you wouldn’t understand.


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3 thoughts on “Random Childhood Facts

  1. I know just what you mean about the banjos, Frank, although I never saw DELIVERANCE, I was too chicken, I heard all about it.
    Danielle de Valera

  2. Ok, I will go back on this post after watching “Deliverance .” I may not be able to finish if it’s to scary. I used to feast on horror movies when I was younger but now I feel myn heart palpitating when I get scared. As for childhood memories. I used to stay awake at night while staying over night with my dad and siblings at a remote farm where a single house is surrounded by acres of fishponds, ancient water trees and swamps. At night all I can hear are spine chilling cries of weird creatures that to this day I got no idea what they were. Legend has it that at night local witches turn to dogs or flying creature that eat kids…..and I was a kid then…when day break comes, I could sigh andbe thankful I’m in one piece. Great thrilling post Frank….Thanks.

  3. goldfish says:

    I’ve driven through Arkansas. I know the kind of fear you’re talking about.

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