More Robots

So here is more evidence that some giant spider robot brain is controlling engineers and general crazy people into making more of our future robotic overlords.

What is worse than giant robot spiders? A robot designed after a dinosaur snake.


You read that right.

I just used the words robot, dinosaur, and snake in the same sentence. To add that extra flavor of terror to your soul, look at the people compared to the size of the snake.

The snake is called Titanboa, a prehistoric snake found in Columbia a little while back. Apparently it was nearly 2 tons and 45 feet long.

Now there is a robot version, one impervious to fire, bullets, and Jennifer Lopez.

RIP Steve Irwin.

Also, here is a robot controlling a human arm with electrodes.

Apparently robots are teaching humans to do things by shocking the stuffing out of them. If robots had a sense of humor and not a cold lifeless death-centric view of world domination, imagine driving down the street and your car shocking your ass and you start stabbing your face with car keys, just to tickle your car’s transistors. People, this is our future, keep a shotgun handy.

On the plus side, the next time you are driving through Wal-Mart and almost get hit by a car crossing the parking lot the wrong way, you can blame the robots for punching the driver in the face.





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2 thoughts on “More Robots

  1. Robot snake?hmmm… Thought I saw one yesterday when the driver to cut me off…. Which made me think, “which should I be concerned more , the panicky driver on his cellphone or the snake?” cool post as always…. Have a great day!

  2. Nick says:

    Fucking Sweet, now they can do a remake of Anaconda!

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