Spider Robots

So part of my mission in life is to expose the robot apocalypse as it unfolds. I have posted in the past about some human replacing robotic advancements, but now I want to show you a few things that are both awesome but ultimately irrefutable evidence that we are all going to die. To add insult to injury, people are designing our future overlords as spiders.

But wait! There is more. They come in a compliment of different sizes.

We have the pants soiling Godzilla sized spiders.

A beast called La Princesse. This cute gal has scuttled across St. Petersburg, Liverpool, and Yokohama.

Imagine if you will, you are casually strolling down Water Street in Liverpool, England. You look up at a building and see this,

And you realize that regardless of the size, a spider (robotic or not) can make you scream like a little girl. But a gigantic building scaling spider made your ass fall completely off. That is right, your ass just fell off. Now what?

Then to claim your trash ridden rump for unknown spider robot experiments, this little guy picks your ass up and scurries off down a drain pipe to some massive robot spider nest where they do horrible things to fallen off asses, you see this guy.

And your head explodes. In which more little robot spiders come out and collect the brain matter for some tremendous spider robot brain.

You heard it here first.



To read more about La Princesse, check here.


To read more about the tiny robots and what they are actually used for, click here.



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2 thoughts on “Spider Robots

  1. Impressive Frank! The second photo was my favorite. Imagine waking up and as you open the curtain…..if its me, three possibilities. 1. Scream and run.2. Faint. 3. Most likely grab my camera! Cool post my friend.

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