Goals For Saturday

I just woke up, it was amazing sleeping in. Hung out with some good company and watched The Next Iron Chef, came home about 10:30, was in bed asleep at 11. It is almost 11 in the morning and I feel awesome. So here is the list of things for me to accomplish today:

1. Early morning BM (bowel movement)

2. Deposit check and pay bills

3. Find a washer and dryer.

4.Finish my story Violence Breeds Violence, Repression Breed Retaliation.

5. ??????

6. Profit (which is counter-intuitive with paying bills.

The only thing that would improve the day is if I didn’t have to leave the house, thus negating the need for pants. The days I don’t have to wear pants are the happiest days of the week, am I right?

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5 thoughts on “Goals For Saturday

  1. taureanw says:

    As someone who is currently stuck @ work I resent your sleeping in & your lack of pants.
    Enjoy the day for me I will be with pants until 5, then quickly lacking-of-the-pants. Also feel free to deposit any checks directly into my bank account. Good day sir

  2. No. 5 intrigued me but no. 6 seems cool particularly when bills start pouring. Great Sat. List. I assume no. 1 was accomplished suucessfully , ha, ha, ha! Cool post!

  3. Alaric Rays says:

    I got my sleep-in day today. It was fabulous. Add as much attitude and lisping to fabulous as you deem necessary.

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