Still Rioting…

I just read this.


For the lazy:

After 3 long months, Bloody D has finally scored the inside scoop on the plot crunch for The Evil Dead, and honestly, it’s pretty damn disappointing.

The reboot is true to the roots of Raimi’s original as it follows a group of friends who hole up in a remote cabin, discover the “Book of the Dead” and accidentally unleash an unrelenting group of Deadites.

The “new spin” is the motivation behind the trip, with the lead character taking his younger sister to the family’s cabin to help her kick her drug addiction. Without her drugs she becomes insane and difficult to control, which makes it impossible to see that she’s actually possessed.

The worst part, though, is that one of the friends unleashes the demons by deciphering the Book of the Dead and reading the passages aloud. (Yeah, because just some kid would know how to read ancient text. Sigh.)


This makes me upset. Bruce Campbell and I are going to start a revolutionary resistance for soiling one of my favorite movies of all time.

I’m going to pull back posting about movies, it is getting too depressing. Why must they remake everything under the sun? Why?

I read that the major studios were going to remake the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time. Nothing is sacred anymore.

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9 thoughts on “Still Rioting…

  1. I’m with you on this one, Frank – I’ve never seen a remake yet that was better than the original. When money’s the only object for making/doing something in the artistic field, the something is hardly going to be much good.
    Danielle de Valera

  2. goldfish says:

    What, what, what?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!1! No one is allowed to ever touch the Evil Dead trilogy. Period. Thank you for ruining my day. Now, where’s my rioting pitchfork? 😐

  3. Alaric Rays says:

    I saw this yesterday as well. Was going to throw in my own sense of being raped by the cacti, but I believe you took care of it. It makes me sad to say the least. What is worse is that they actually got Bruce to agree to a cameo. Sure the whole no publicity is bad publicity mantra. But this is like standing there and supporting the high school jock who has courted your teenager into bed, is continuing to plow her, and then leave like nothing happened while she sits bawling her eyes out.

  4. ANGELA says:

    i realy think he should be respected because well…………………..HE IS ASH IN EVIL DEAD

  5. ANGELA says:

    hi its me again 🙂 ya i seeing this yesterday realy made me mad i sorta cooled down but if i see an other pic like thic i swear i will riot

    its ok we still love u bruce

  6. ANGELA says:

    why the hell did they not make another evil dead they should have made the fuckin thing before he fuckin got to old. ya of course i love bruce campbell in all but i think it too late. FUCK U.U ARE LEAVING US IN SUSPENSE.FUK U .


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