Skyrim Trailer…. This Time With Real People!

So here is the new Skyrim trailer. If it was a serious movie, I would say that the production value and general badassness is very high. Hollywood, I hope you are taking notes.


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3 thoughts on “Skyrim Trailer…. This Time With Real People!

  1. Chris G. says:

    I would say…both CGI and badassness done right. With games, I generally do prefer the gameplay trailers to what many would consider “fluff trailers” like this…but I can still appreciate when they’ve got that quality look and feel down right. As you said…Hollywood should take notes.

    And then they should take those notes and make us some quality fantasy works!

    • Frank Bishop says:

      Here here!

      How many fantasy movies have had that kind of gritty feel to them? Straightforward awesomeness that is exactly what it is, not something pretending to be a love story or a hodgepodge of epileptic plots, just an honest fantasy movie.

  2. Nick says:

    I have been enjoying the deluge of live-action trailers for games and even the full CGI ones this past year. I mean I am amazed at what these game companies are able to put together with the material they have and even the overall production value it has. Look at the Bioware Old Republic MMO trailers that are out. They are making 6 minute CGI trailers that pretty blow away anything Lucas has done in decades. WHY MUST THEY TEASE ME WITH THIS!

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