What Would They Say?

What would your video game characters say? If they all met in a bar and talked about you, what little nugget of insight and bastardization would they say?

Mine would vary.

My WOW characters would say I was epic or lazy ( I never really leveled and alt all the way up).

My Call of Duty characters would say I was a blood frenzied serial killer with unnecessarily perfect accuracy with RPGs and UMPs.

My Tribes characters would say that I talk too much, I made a soundpack for the game and spammed the unholy ba-jesus out of it.

…and it varies from pyromaniac, public exhibitionist, psychopath, defender of women, chicken slayer, pervert, idiot, etc.

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7 thoughts on “What Would They Say?

  1. goldfish says:

    Mine would say I’m a crazy bitch who doesn’t take cover nearly enough and likes to shoot enemies right in the face. In games without shields, I’m a goner. A long-distance sniper, I am not.

  2. Clint says:

    Tribes: An underachiever who couldn’t stick with one mod long enough to create any consistency.

    Bad Company 2: You’re a rambo who consistantly scores near the top of every match. To bad you rarely play it anymore.

    Gran Turismo: Your’e pretty good. I mean you should be after playing in the series for years.

    RPGS: You can’t ever force yourself to do anything immoral. Why? It’s just a game.

  3. Nick says:

    Batman Arkham City: You are the goddamn Batman

    Mass Effect 2: You are Commander Shepard and this is your favorite game

    Left 4 Dead: KEEP SHOOTING!

  4. Mine would say I talk to much too but may be I can use it as a super power. My talk can potentially crush my enemies to pieces, the more I talk, the more damage I make. Some would say I have a compassionate soul so I would be a kind leader to my followers. Great , exciting post. have a fun weekend.

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