So if you haven’t heard, Legendary is taking another crack at an American Godzilla. Here is the sculpture the movie makers are supposedly using as their model.

This is for several reasons:

a) Hollywood doesn’t have two original ideas to rub together to save celebs from all the plastic surgery they get to inflate an already ridiculous idea of ‘beauty’.

b) American Godzilla didn’t go over as intended, money wise. So having hopefully learned that deviating from already proven and working idea, Legendary pictures is going back and sticking (generally) to the original concept.

c) Godzilla is awesome.

I am not sure how I feel about this because I am a rather huge Godzilla fan. I was very upset with the last version and am very apprehensive about the 2014 release. The Japanese were insulted enough to add the American Godzilla to the last Japanese Godzilla movie called Final Wars in which ‘Zilla’ gets his ass handed to him quite pointedly.

Still, I have a kernel of hope after seeing the basic idea for Godzilla’s appearance.  Here is the sculpture the movie makers are supposedly using as their model.

What do you think?


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6 thoughts on “Godzilla!

  1. I say bring on a new American version of Godzilla. The 1996 movie set the benchmark pretty low so hopefully the new movie can at least exceed that. I’m guessing it’ll be tailor-made for 3D. I’m a huge Godzilla nerd and believe that it has great potential if done right.

  2. goldfish says:


    I really wish Hollywood would stop messing about with icons, especially icons as cool as Gojira. That 90s massacre infuriated me. I’m still mad.

  3. I’m a Godzilla fan too. I hope they would do justice to this amazing creature. Great post my friend!

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