A Fine Day

It has been a good day. Ate at Bob Evans, bought some groceries, wrote for about 9 hours straight, saw what I am pretty sure is this kid grown up. I feel accomplished.

I’m very close having a polished story for Writers of the Future’s fourth quarter. The story is done, just doing some editing and rearranging. All part of the process and fun that is writing. Going to have my editor give it the once over tomorrow, see if she can find some grammatical errors (which undoubtedly she will) and any potential gaps in the story I am not thinking about. Overall I am very pleased with the story. The tone and voice are right where I want it.

When she gets done, I’ll pass it along to the beta readers and wait for some feedback. One of which I will have to poke with a stick repeatedly to say something more than it was fine.

September 30th, that is the deadline.

Well, I am going to either shower, sleep, or keep working. I hate to stop when I am on a roll, but I am tired and work comes early.

Hopefully you all had a good weekend.



*That isn’t me.

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