Don’t Hate On Geeks

So I have tracked this article and the mouth-foaming fervor that it has sparked. Go read the article here, actually it is an image of the article that has now been taken down, but you should read it all the same.

Summary: Girl joins online dating service. Girl goes on date with guy. Guy turns out to be world champion Magic The Gathering player. Girl writes guy off, posts an article on the interwebs, girl invokes the wrath of nerds.

In response to the article, this was posted. You can find it here.

Summary: Geekdom is better than being shallow and judgmental. Geeks are harmless, passionate people that are fun to talk to and be around.

Then, another response. You can find it here.

Summary: Satire where the tables are turn.

Conclusion: I don’t fault the lady for not being interested in the guy, everybody has different preferences and desires in a person. I do fault her for being quick to write the guy off, make him out like an invalid, then turn around and write an article about it. It is more of a reflection of her than of him. If the guy makes a living doing what he loves and is very good at it to boot, he is one of those lucky people you hear about that have happy lives.

Posting an article on the internet that pokes nerd culture is asking for back lash. We eat, breath, drink, and sweat internet cause you know, nerds invented it. And just about any other aspect of it. Nerds rule the world, don’t believe me? Look around and pay attention, you might be surprised.

Don’t hate on geeks, thems my peoples. Every part of human life is touched by the sweaty handed, heavy breathing brotherhood. We are watching you.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Hate On Geeks

  1. Alaric Rays says:

    I would have to say that my favorite part is what Gizmodo said after they took the post down. They added their own post simply saying “women can be predators online too” and that was that. Found it at this Washington Post Article
    I’m really curious as to what the original article actually said since it was said that the picture was actually an edited version of it. What was bad enough to be taken out? Hmmm

  2. Nick says:

    The most interesting thing about the article was that she writes for a tech blog. A TECH BLOG. What demographic did she think she was talking to?

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