Paranoia Is Its Own Reward

So, the heart-dropping-in-stomach news is that I did not win any of the competitions that I have entered. As I stated before, sending your writings out to be judged feels like sending your child out into the world to be weighed and measured, so with the sad panda news of hearing that your child didn’t measure up, what do you do?

For me, my biggest issue is not knowing what was wrong or hearing any feedback on what made my story unworthy. I understand that the people reading and judging each story don’t have the time to piece together a critique, logically I understand this and agree with it. Emotionally the race horses of paranoia are darting around my head going, “AHHH! What was wrong! Was it the pacing, I bet it was! Too much exposition, that has to be it! Etc, etc.”

So now I go through and look at my story and really, really try to break it down more so and examine the elements; What I can improve upon, what is good, what should be cut out, all of that good stuff. In this, as my title says, paranoia is its own reward. Hopefully looking at it with fresh eyes will reveal something new.

The big competition I didn’t win that I was fairly hopeful for was Writers of the Future. I got the email earlier this week and it simple said I didn’t win the quarter, but submit again. If you go to their website and look, there have honorable mentions and semi-finalists. So I wonder where I placed, if at all in the rankings. They haven’t posted the results yet so I await for that now. The next deadline is September 30th, my big goal over this three day weekend is to get another story ready and submit again. All through I didn’t win this time, I’m determined to win the competition…. eventually.

On that, I have to leave and go with my eager fiancée to register for gifts. Hope everybody is enjoying their weekend so far.

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7 thoughts on “Paranoia Is Its Own Reward

  1. What matters is you tried and kept on trying. I hope you’ll win soon. You’re a gifted writer. Goodluck and have a great weekend.

  2. I applaud you for having the courage to be rejected. I have yet to submit any of my work for anything official. I’m in a constant state of revision, in the hopes of achieving perfection. I supposed I’ll eventually have to send my baby out to be weighed and measured. 😦

  3. Clint says:

    I know how you feel man. Still trying to win an art contest of my own.

  4. […] As I posted before, I received the email informing I didn’t win Writers of the Future the week before they announced the semifinalist. I assumed that because I received the rejection so close to the announcement that I was higher in the running. Soon after announcing the semifinalists, other rankings are posted on the website’s blog. So I waited to see if I qualified for honorable mentions, silver honorable mentions, etc. When the rankings were released, I was a little disappointed to see that I hadn’t even placed. […]

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