Nerd Videos

Nerd dads have the most fun with their kids. I think it is a law of nature or something. Here is a nerdy father waking his son up.

Best.Nerd.Wedding.Proposal.Ever. This is seriously awesome. The guy who put this together hired some level designers to make a Portal 2 project, and he even hired the woman who is the voice of GlaDos. How awesome is that?

Here we watch a wild R2D2 being reintroduced back into nature, watch as he is horrifically mauled by a bear is accepted by his new family.


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3 thoughts on “Nerd Videos

  1. Nick says:

    Ok the portal 2 proposal is about the best damn proposal video ever. they even got the original Glados voice to do it.

  2. I really hope I marry a man who will attack our kids with a water gun to wake them up. 🙂

    So adorable.

  3. Nerds rule! They’re real , funny and not afraid to be themselves. And obviously super smart. Aren’t they CEO’s too? Stay cool always!

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