Hobbit House Hotel


Some folks out in Montana decided to make a hobbit house hotel. It cost $245 to stay a night which isn’t bad considering the owners shelled out 400,000 to build/furnish this 1,000 sq/ft temple of geeky worship. It is located in Trout Creek, which is 3 hours outside of Spokane, next to the elk patties.

If you are out and about in Montana strangling bears for an erection, dancing with forest fires, hunting Moose with Sarah Palin, or whatever people do for fun there, head over to the Hobbit House Hotel.

Next week we will be examining live-action reenactments of Deliverance in Arkansas, remember to bring the kids.


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One thought on “Hobbit House Hotel

  1. Alaric Rays says:

    May be a good spot for a vacation with the missus. At least around the little folk I would have a better chance of seeming big.

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