Sweet Best Served Cold and The Heroes US Covers

These are the new covers for Joe Abercrombie’s books Best Served Cold and The Heroes. Get a towel and some shades, these are awesome. All I can say is, FUCKING FINALLY! US get some sweet covers. HA UK, HA!

Sweet, eh?

I don’t know about you, but I think these covers are awesome, really awesome, in fact cyborg unicorns fighting mutant care bears with light-sabers awesome.. They add a realm of old school wonder with a sense of modernization and action that, had I not read/already owned his books, I would be picking these up off the shelf in instant curiosity if I saw them. Which would be the intention, so jolly good job.

He talks about marketing strategy on his blog post about these. If he is indeed correct about the potential draw of new readers, I could see thing starting a trend, and if I ever get published, I would want my covers to look something along the lines.


The paperback editions of Best Served Cold and The Heroes with these covers come out October 2011 and July 2012.

I wait impatiently.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Best Served Cold and The Heroes US Covers

  1. The covers are catchy, fierce, wants you to grab the book and read it with great intensity. Very cool idea.

  2. rowenarush says:

    Those are amazing covers….definitely the type that would make me, an on-again/off-again female reader of sf/fantasy, want to pick the book up and buy it/borrow it to read. Wow. Epic!

  3. Jerose says:

    No, I think you’re wrong when you say I’m a minority. There are lots peploe willing to pick up older games, praised for their content.My point was, and still is. Graphics is not what makes a game. Though making it look nice will make a bigger hype and improve the first impressions. A bad looking game can gain a big community.Did you know hundreds of thousands still play diablo 2? And Morrowind is still selling

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