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There is a new website designed to help budding writers not only get valued peer and professional feedback, but also help you break into the word business. All done before right? Here is the kicker, not only is it free, but you retain all of your rights. Did I just blow your mind? It gets better!

The peer system is designed for honest critiques. That means you cannot phone in it just to get your stuff reviewed, you have to contribute in some form. Before you can even submit anything, you have to review three other pieces of work. During your critiques, you can’t just say, “Oh I loved this story, it shows heart and depth,” and call it good. You have to give examples and specific details in order for your critique to count.

The site is heavily moderated to keep it friendly and honest, and the moderators aren’t afraid to banhammer any asshats. But to forewarn you, this isn’t for the super sensitive. Based on the reviews and feedback that I have seen, it is a tough love critique site. When something is written and it is awesome, you get praise, when something isn’t working or confusing, you are told in detail. Just know that if you submit a piece, prepare to receive some honest reviews.

Penguin Group put the whole thing together to help writers in their struggle to break into the business. The site launched in March April 26th and is still in beta, but in that time Penguin has bought two novels from writers on the site. Interested yet?

I need to finished my last touches on my book and slap get my happy ass on the website.

Edited: I had some information wrong about the website. Colleen Lindsay, who admins the website, corrected my wicked and asshattery ways. The crossed out stuff is wrong, ignore it or you can proceed to mock me in the comments. 

The website is HERE.

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14 thoughts on “Book Country

  1. Thanks Frank! I was at the conference where they announced it, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was about. Best explanation I’ve seen to date for it. Going to sign up. Appreciate the info!

  2. Cool beans and I’ll look for your stuff, too. Dammit. Looking at the genre map, I see what you mean about my genre-bending tendencies. Oy. Vey. Think I’ll close my eyes and throw a dart at the computer screen.

  3. Once I grow the grapefruits large enough to allow me to submit and contribute, you can be certain that this will be my first stop.

    Thanks Frank!

    And can you tell me why Bert has an unibrow and Ernie has none at all?

    • Frank Bishop says:

      If you have grapefruit sized manbits, you are ready. In fact you are more manly then most men in the world. Unless it is because you are sick, in which you should see a doctor.

      Ah i mispelled his name, it is Bert not Burt? Damn my stupidity!

      Maybe Ernie goes and gets a wax, furthering the rumor that they are life partners?

  4. Stephanie says:

    Looks like an interesting site. Scamming aspiring writers has been going on since time immemorial, so I can’t help thinking that there MUST be a catch of some sort, but it definitely seems worth checking out. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Hi Frank –

    I’d like to correct your facts, as you actually have several important things wrong:

    ** The community has been in public beta since April 26th.

    ** Penguin has NOT purchased any manuscripts from writers on the site, nor has any other publisher. I’m not sure where you got this information but it’s wrong.


    Colleen Lindsay
    Community Manager
    Book Country

    • Frank Bishop says:

      Updated, thanks for the drop by and correction on my facts. Just reread the article I found the information from and I have no idea where the hell I got those two things mixed up from. No excuses, my fault.

  6. dornefiction says:

    Very cool, thanks Frank. Have always wanted to find a community like this one. Will be signing up soon.

  7. Alaric Rays says:

    Good stuff, and Frank, you are an asshat.
    On a side note, I’ve meant to take picture of my ass with a Fedora on it for some time, so I could have an actual ‘asshat’ picture. One of these days…

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