Legos go the Jupiter

From Wired.

This Friday, NASA will launch an Atlas V rocket that will be contain a very special payload. Not only will the rocket be carrying Juno, a space probe that is being sent to Jupiter to study the fifth planet from the Sun, but there will be a few unique stowaways. Thanks to a joint mission between NASA and Lego, there will be three very special Lego minifigs affixed to the spacecraft.

The figures, milled from aluminum, will accompany Juno on its five-year trip to Jupiter. When Juno arrives in 2016, the Lego likeness of the Roman god, Jupiter, his sister, Juno, and the Italian astronomer,Galileo, will be there to take in all the sights and bask in the immensity of the largest planet.

This (until now) secret installation was initiated by NASA scientists, who love Lego as much as anyone and wanted to do something memorable for this mission. They approached Lego and the company loved the idea. It saw the project as a way to promote children’s education and STEM programs.


That is right boys and girls, legos are going to space. Think of the odd impression aliens would get of us if they found these, which I find hilarious. Each figure has special figures to represent some aspect of Jupiter; a lighting bolt, magnifying glass, and telescope.

I agree that this is a good way to promote education and interest in space, especially after the budget cuts to the various NASA programs that space geeks all over the country have been raging about. This kind of partnership and PR isn’t by accident, stir the public enough receive the bacon. I could see this having potential to become a more consistent partnership with NASA and Lego. Every time NASA slings a probe into space, some cool Lego representation being attached/hood ornamented to the front.

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