Let The Music Wash Over You

This post is about music.

Here is a rock song. It starts out odd. One might think What the hell? as they listen to it, but as time goes on you will notice something has changed. You don’t know when it happened, but suddenly you are rocking out and the song is kicking copious amounts of ass. Then the song ends and you are left wanting more.

Then to keep the rover of musical inspiration flowing, here is a song that pulls you somewhere deep inside of yourself. The deep bass groove resonates with things primal and animalistic inside of your skull. I, for one, find myself deep in a story idea as I process the awesomeness of the music video.

And finally, I share with you some old fashion foot-stomping blues that really makes you want to clap along. This man is a legend to me, his beard is mighty, but his music is divine.

And there you go, music I listen to for inspiration and clarity of thought.

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