Weird Quarks

Post Strangulation

So you are writing your story and your characters feel a little flat. Know what they need? Quarks. They need these little idiosyncrasies to make them human because guess what, we are all a little goofy and have little things we do that are unique.

An example of a quark? It is common knowledge that Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t achieve an erection unless he strangled a bear with his bare-hands. So what interesting little nugget of borderline insanity does your character have? Do they hate dogs but love cats, what about the opposite? Do they have to get completely naked to use the bathroom? Do they flip a coin to decide if they will kill somebody. A hardened veteran cop who secretly loves Sex and the City is always a good time.

One of my characters is terrified of a specific type of insect, another can’t eat anything on their plate if the food is touching, and another hears a voice that echoes the deep dark thoughts sane humans repress. Can you spot one in this post?

The range of quarks that can be used is staggering.  These little peeps into the characters help the reader feel they are real, interesting, and worth their time.

So what little quarks do you give your characters?

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6 thoughts on “Weird Quarks

  1. I’ve heard about this Roosevelt thing before…

    Did you know that J.F.K. would never visit the state of Oregon because he considered it “the demon seed of the West.”?

    True story…

  2. Really? JFK thought that of Oregon? Maybe he had his states wrong … sorry, couldn’t not say that (and I’m from Dallas, so it’s OK for me to say it).

    My main character is a seemingly put-together business woman, who has to count down from 10 backwards when she’s freaking out … and she’s a clean freak.

  3. Alaric Rays says:

    Damn you and the misspelling. All I could think about were sub-atomic particles throughout the whole post. Blargh. Sure it made a point.. but my OCD doesn’t like points. It likes results. Speaking of OCD, have a character that has a form of it. Everybody thinks he has awkward pauses whenever he talks, but it is simply because he has almost an empathetic OCD. He actually listens and takes in what people are saying. He actively puts himself in their shoes no matter what, and only after he feels he has a grasp of their situation will he allow himself to speak back to them. Sadly that has made him not speak with some people who tried to talk to him about periods for some time.

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