A Summary of Transformers 3

This is the best summary I have read of the movie. It is about what I expected the movie to be, and yes that means I haven’t seen it. After the TF2, I refuse to waste my money.


Is it as bad as Transformers 2?
No. Not even close.

Really? Does that mean it’s good?
No. Not even close. But it’s not a wretched cinematic atrocity against man and god, so I consider that an improvement.

Well, before we get into the plot, can you sum up your feelings on the film for people who don’t want to be spoiled?
Yes I can. I’ve seen a lot of reviews that compare the movie to Michael Bay dangling his keys in front of the audience’s face, as if they were babies that were easily distracted by shiny objects, but that’s not strictly accurate. Imagine Michael Bay staring at you and pulling out his keys once every 10 minutes for 10 to 15 seconds. After an hour and a half, he pulls out his keys and leaves them out for an entire hour. Also, the keys are now exploding.

…so is the movie worth seeing?
Depends on how much you like keys.


You can read the full summary HERE, WARNING, IT CONTAINS SPOILERS!

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3 thoughts on “A Summary of Transformers 3

  1. Clint says:

    They should have stopped with the first, actually they shouldn’t have even made the first. I never liked Transformers that much anyway, never made any sense to me (especially the ones that turned into animals lol).

    To bad they didn’t go with Gundam *sigh*

    • Frank Bishop says:

      I agree they should have left it alone. Somethings just don’t translate.

      If you want to see a Gundam, look at Wiplash at the end of Iron Man 2.

      • The first one was the best. The rest was more about explosive scenes, not much on the story line. Part of the reason I watch it was Magan Fox. I’ll wait for the DVD version at red box, cost only a dollar. great post Frank.

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