Loving Your Characters

So I have switched back to my book. I went back over everything I have written and it is still to my satisfaction. I’ve decided to add a few chapters for better character building and started writing POV chapters and one of my characters has taken a death grip over my writing. I have a character named Calve, and he is has two separate personalities. Both are assholes, but in different ways. Two separate people are living in the same body with different tastes, interests, and flaws. I am have more fun writing his chapters and story than I have the main character or any of the others. As far as I can tell, this can yield two things; Calve gets his own book or If I don’t slay the beast he will take over the book.

I have enjoyed writing all the characters in my book, some a little more than others. I feel that each person is distinct from everybody else and their relationships and dynamics are different and interesting that the reader will never feel bored. Granted I am borderline insane, some of the curve-balls I throw are really big.

I have had immense fun thinking about the people in my story and treating them like they exist, because in my head they do. It annoys my other half when I refer to them like they are real people. She hears the name is gets annoyed because they aren’t real. I am probably more out of it then I give myself credit for.

Do your character’s take over your stories? Do you treat them like they are real people?

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2 thoughts on “Loving Your Characters

  1. Alaric Rays says:

    I come to love my characters, but I feel as though I am an overbearing mother with them still. I am having issues letting go and just flowing with the story and feeling where it takes me. Instead I nitpick and worry and fret and get very little done. It is still difficult for me to just go with it, because everytime I start to write again, I go to read back where I was so I can get my bearings and as I do I realize something that I wanted to add, and then go into edit mode. It is frustrating at times.

  2. I admit, I like my sassy/bad characters a little better. Maybe I secretly want to be them, since I’m so sweet and innocent in real life. 🙂

    Great post, Frank!

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