Fool – Christopher Moore

I was going over some Bill Shakespeare as I packed the other day and I came across a book I forgot I owned. It is called Fool by Christopher Moore. This book is fun, funny, raunchy, dirty, and clever. If you are a fan of Shakespeare and don’t have your head up your tight literary ass, read this book. It is fun and engrossing. I highly recommend this book to anybody with a sense of humor.

The main character is a jester named Pocket and his favorite saying is ‘fuck stockings’, I’m sure that already has you interested.

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One thought on “Fool – Christopher Moore

  1. Hi, Frank. I enjoy sea monsters too. I thought the jaws was SCARY when I was a kid. I haven’t read any book lately but I saw a replay of Deep Blue or was it Blue Deep? It’s about an intelligent shark that shewed most of the lab crew. Morgan Freeman was in it. He got shewed too. An exciting post!

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