Gamer Girls

I’ve been playing video games and writing a lot over the past few days, hence my absence. A few other things have gone on but I have tried to really reel in my writer functions and thought processes, a sort of self-evaluation of my mentality as a writer as well as execution. In my blind man journey off the map, I noticed something about the gaming community.

There are more gamer girls. I think this is awesome for several reasons, of which none are the obvious one. For one it means there is more acceptance across the board and with the fairer sex to indulge in video games. Being nerdy and having fun with electronics is becoming more common place, being more generally used, it leads to better pushes in video games as well as innovation as the demand increases. The second reason it is awesome is that girls get a chance to really show their skills and domination in the game market. A shift from a ‘boys only club’ is occurring and I for one think it is about time. However, I have noticed several things about my female gaming comrades, they can easily be divided into three categories.

1. The Magic Gamer – This is where a gamer girl spends 20 minutes saying, “Yes, I’m a girl and I’m a gamer. I know, cool right? I’m a gamer girl, we exist. I am a girl and I am a gamer.” I hear that over and over and over and over. I can’t hear my teammates over the constant crowing.

2. The Vixen– This is where the gamer girl makes flirtatious and dirty remarks to the hordes of gamer guys ogling over her. She says things to get attention or to better solidify her status as a gamer girl. This annoys me to no end because in World of Warcraft idiot guys get duped into asinine things just because a female said something off-color or sexual. It is sad that girls do this, but it is pathetic that guys fall for it over and over because the a voice they hear is female. Who is really the fool? The fool or the person that follows the fool?

3. Girl Gamer – This is my favorite type of gamer girl. They simply roll into a map and play. They do their job in WoW amazingly and none of the other situations above come up. The gamer that plays for the love of the game, that plays because they want to succeed and do well, then you find out randomly or after the fact it is a chick. They don’t play into their gender or reach for attention, they simply play.

With that said, the worst gamer is the 12-year-old boy who talks incessantly to no end, rpgs the entire map, team kills or doesn’t pull his weight in a raid because ‘ninja poop’ is the funniest thing he has had ever heard. Holy hell I want to punch every kid in the face who does this.



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6 thoughts on “Gamer Girls

  1. taureanw says:

    My wife is an on again/off again gamer. It’s nice, not just because we sometimes game together, but also I don’t have to worry about her getting upset if I buy a new game or system.

    And don’t get me started on the “12 yr old boy” on Xbox Live. I believe God has a special place in hell for those people…..

  2. Clint says:

    In the past few gaming communities I’ve been in there have been plenty of girls, so I reckon I’ve noticed this for a long time and most fit the description you most like. I still rag them about how girls don’t play games, just in fun you know. Heck you know that Tribes has a hefty percentage of girls.

  3. realgdman4u says:

    I’m glad there are real gamers out there that are girls. As long as they aren’t jerks or 12 yr old or younger jerks.

    It would be refreshing to run a dungeon or raid with a player who knows what he or she is doing . It would make doing so fun again.

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