Two Short Stories for the Price of One

I finished editing ‘Violence Breed Violence, Repression Breeds Retaliation’ today. I was on such a high from finishing another story that I decided to start a new one, and guess what? Two hours later it is done. It doesn’t have a title yet, still working that out. It is such an awesome feeling to complete ideas ( Technically complete. Art is never finished, merely abandoned) that I feel like I could write three novels at this very moment.

Don’t be fooled though, the untitled piece is roughly 5k words, which works out fine for me because the standard limit on most published fantasy/science fiction short stories is around 5k. So now I need to go through and edit this one and boom, I have another story ready to be sent off to the powers that be. It has been a productive day. I worked and completed two stories.

All that is left to do before I send them off is let my editor go over them.

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3 thoughts on “Two Short Stories for the Price of One

  1. taureanw says:

    🙂 Seriously congratz dude. Whenever that muse hits you better take advantage!

  2. Yah, you make us all look like slackers. Thanks, Frank.

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