The Politics of Writing

So I have been reading about the politics that writers find themselves wrapped in sometimes. Apparently if you are liberal or a conservative, some writers and readers won’t read or even acknowledge your work. I find this to be asinine, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because … well people distance themselves from anything they disagree with. I rarely talk to somebody and them say, “Yea, I don’t agree with you but I enjoyed talking to you about it.” I say things like that to other people, if they aren’t being douche bags. I’m not saying I’m a model for this sort of thing, but if people could just respect the other side a little more, overall life would be easier.

When it comes to stories, does it matter if you disagree with something central or minor? If the story is enjoyable can’t it be looked past? I don’t believe in communism but I still read and have enjoyed books where they was a central theme. I have stories where I don’t personally subscribe to the political ideologies contained within, but I find them interesting and worthy of exploring. If a book is on post-apocalyptic global warming, why label it tree-hugger trash? Even if you don’t think it is a real thing, if the story is good then who cares?

I don’t care about the author’s politics, religion, gender, sexual orientation, preference of boxers or briefs, ranch or thousand island. My point is if the story is good, if written well, then what does it matter? I don’t believe in elves, but I own a lot of fantasy books. Seriously, what does it matter?

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2 thoughts on “The Politics of Writing

  1. the wuc says:

    Very true, I’ve even read biographies of people I don’t like, because the content was fascinating.

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