My Creative Process

Oh how I have long-awaited for this three-day weekend. Even though it won’t actually be three days, I will be working tomorrow for most of the day, I still have a BBQ filled Monday on my horizons and BBQ makes everything better. So while I rest from a day of work, lets talk about the creative process, well at least mine.

When I start to write a story, generally I have three hours of pain, suffering, and non-sense sentences that led nowhere. That or I stare at one word with the cursor blinking mockingly at me with a mountainousness heap of white and nothing behind it. Then the song I’m listening to starts over, for the hundredth time. Here is how it goes:

The monster…..

……..Half an hour later……

The monster was ugly and dangerous……

…….Half an hour later……

The monster was ugly and dangerous.

A low growl rumbled from the brush. Adam had no idea what was underneath the bushes, but it sounded dangerous.

…….An hour later……

A rancid stench plagued Adam’s nose, it was the smell of death and rotten meat. Adam slowed his pace and looked around, somewhere in the brush a low growl filtered into the air. Without thinking he turned and ran the way he came.

…….Half an hour later……

A rancid stench plagued Adam’s nose, it was the smell of death and rotten meat. Adam slowed his pace and looked around, somewhere in the brush a low growl filtered into the air. Without thinking he turned and ran the way he came.

Adam’s heart pounded, his throat was tight. He knew it was somewhere around the camp but the fading sun and rising darkness blurred his vision, it was close, really close. Hisses and growls seeped from the extending shadows, once behind and then to the left of Adam. The smell of rotten meat and death was everywhere. Adam was poised and ready to sprint, he was waiting for the signal before he started running.

……….Half an hour later……….

She walked in the door and his life was never the same. Her hips rocked side to side in a hypnotic rhythm that made everything primal in Mark’s head scream. Her full lips sent strange sensations down his spine, without realizing he was walking towards her. She turned towards him and their eyes met, in that moment Mark became lost in her blue eyes. She seemed to pierce down into his soul, straight to the core of his being.

And then I just keep going.

Seriously, that is exactly how it is for me. How does your process go?

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9 thoughts on “My Creative Process

  1. taureanw says:

    “BBQ makes everything better”
    Well said my friend, well said…..

  2. Haha! That’s so true sometimes…I tend to get really sidetracked when it comes to making stories. It usually doesn’t take five hours, though. Maybe fifteen minutes. It ends up being quite silly.

  3. BBQ sounds great. I could already smell the air with it. I’m off work Memorial day, I’m thinking BBQ outside the backyard patio. thanks for the idea. Adam seems like he’s going to meet a scary animal or something but just when the suspense was heightened, came Mark and a girl who seem to be on a romantic mood. But that’s okay, it’s like our everyday thoughts when we are entertaining several ideas and stories at the same time. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alaric Rays says:

    Hmmm for me I have a scene that has popped into mind, so I open up my ol’ laptop and type that scene as fast as I can so as to not forget it like a dream you had 2 nights ago. And then, the scene is done. Now what? Um. Well. Maaybe this happened. Oh I know, maybe I can go read somebody’s blog and get inspiration while reading about their process! Hm, well that was interesting. I wonder how many pictures of boobs I can look at until I get bored. Hm Well. Oh Idea! But wait. I think that fits maybe later, but lets keep it there now so you don’t forget. Repeat

  5. Mine goes something like this:

    (Inner thoughts)
    This is it, I’m going to bang out 5,000 words today if it kills me. But first, I need to make the bed. (Bed made, sits back down). Ok, that’s better, even though I’m writing in the study and not the bedroom, it was bothering me. Oh, before I get going, I should start a load of laundry. (Laundry going) Well, crap, the dog needs to go out. (Lets dog out) Ohhh, I have to catch up on some plays on Words with Friends. (pulverizes a friend with a 60 point word. Sees mail truck pull up) Wonder what’s in the mail? (goes to get mail … stomach grumbles) Time for lunch already? I’ll eat at my desk so I can get more work done. (phone dings) Damn. My “friend” just played an 80 point word. Can’t let her beat me …

    And that’s on a good day!

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