Awesome Video and Sleep Studies

I will be at a sleep study for the next day and a half, my ability to post will likely be limited, not 100% sure though. So to better celebrate meeting my insurance deductible and having a shit load of wires and sensors connected to me, here is a moment of Zen. Also, go forth and write in the contest my monkeys! The link is here. Give me something to laugh and read about.

Relax, I’m a professional Russian.

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5 thoughts on “Awesome Video and Sleep Studies

  1. Lance says:

    Awesome video! Gonna run out and get two shottys!

  2. taureanw says:

    Nothing more relaxing then having wires connected to your head!

  3. That was an amusing video. Those are actual water coming out while he’s shooting? Goodluck on your sleep studies. Enjoy your Zen…

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