A Contest!

Who wants to try something different? Lets have a contest. Located below are three pictures. Your job is to construct a paragraph that is the summary description of a novel around the three pictures below. I haven’t decided what the prize will be. I’ll work on that, till then get cracking! You have till next Sunday, 5/21/11.

HINT: It has to make me laugh.

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2 thoughts on “A Contest!

  1. Hi, Frank. Let’s see , mine would be like this. There’s a spooky , crazy scientist who wanted to make an edible condom. So, 1 day he went to his lab, programmed his machine and created a tasty, sugar-free condom candy . great post.

  2. […] to me, here is a moment of Zen. Also, go forth and write in the contest my monkeys! The link is here. Give me something to laugh and read […]

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