The Decision Has Been Made!

After exploring the science fiction story more, yes there is more there then 15,000 words. It has evolved into a full fledge novel that I plan to flesh out in the coming months, I should probably finish the final revisions of my first one. That is both exciting and disappointing as I was hoping to have two concepts to compare against to see if I could measure my growth as a writer. Now feeling that the scifi story would best be suited as its own novel, all hopes ride on ‘The Uncanny Blossom’ for the Writers of the Future. The general feedback on it has been good, few interesting constructive criticisms and insight, but overall not far all from how I felt the story was myself. That is very cathartic, to create something with an intent and receive feedback along the same lines. Still waiting on a few more beta readers to throw their buck thirty-five at me, the clock is ticking you two! I think the story is fun and unique, but at the same time it is the tip of the iceberg in terms of creative potential. I have not yet begun to begin. The world the story is written in is something that a dear friend and I are currently hashing out. I plan to explore the world and the different cultures more with other short stories and novel concepts later on. It is very exciting to watch as these ideas and interlocking plots start to pop into existence the further we push into this world. Hopefully the judges at WOTF (Writers of the Future) think TUB (The Uncanny Blossom) is as awesome as I do. So the new-new plan is to extend the story just a little more, polish the addition and submit to Writers of the Future within a week.

Also, I have a creature in the book. Something unique and crazy, but it actually exists. Nothing is ever stranger than reality, reality holds no obligations to make sense. The creature is called an Assassin Spider. Normally I would go into a little description of creatures that propagate my bestiary, but honestly a picture is enough. Behold the power of mother nature being super creepy.


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4 thoughts on “The Decision Has Been Made!

  1. taureanw says:

    I didn’t think I could dislike spiders anymore

    Good luck with the submission! Creating a Sci-fi world can be tough, let alone filling it with an interesting story.

    • Frank Bishop says:

      Thanks! It is fairly political, but not allegorical, with lots of crossing interests. The main character is too rich and complicated to be consigned to a novella.

      I fully believe there are very few things more creepy than an Assassin Spider. Then again, mother nature has a way of surprising us.

  2. Alaric Rays says:

    I wish you luck in your submission as well. Although anything with that spider would be borderline horror. Aha

  3. It sounds really awesome! Although you’re going to need a pretty powerful boot or newspaper for that spider…hahaha!

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