Science Fiction Story Update

So the story I have striven to complete has grown from a seedling of a back story into a full-blown novel or at least novella, I’m sure there is a topical cream somewhere for this. The word limit to send into Writers of the Future is 17,500. I am already around 15,000 and have not yet started the ending, I have a lot of ground to cover to bring everything together. In fact I am finding a large amount of things I want to elaborate upon. I know word count doesn’t matter that much this early on, but now I am deciding between just sending in the fantasy story or pruning the edges to fit the criteria, than deciding on the best polished story. Decisions, decisions.

Essentially what happened is one of those gardener tendencies came through as I was writing ‘Violence Breed Violence, Repression Breeds Retaliation’ and I started adding in a complicated political element that set the tone for a possible revolution and backlash from a less than satisfactory ending to a major war. A sort of counter cultural breakthrough similar to what happened during Vietnam. The soldiers of the war came home to their home world changed and politically charged with anti-war sentiments and were spit on and regarded as murders by civilians. In doing this I have added a new level of complications to the main character’s struggle to meld back into society. I hesitate to call it future shock, in fact I don’t know what to call it. To me it is just a very interesting problem for a man who has spent a career in the business of violence adjusting to the changes and cultural shifts in society.

I have three weeks to work through these little speed bumps. That isn’t much time and I will most likely be cutting it close but the juice is worth the squeeze. For me writing is the easy part, editing is the hard part.

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4 thoughts on “Science Fiction Story Update

  1. I know how you feel, but maybe there is more to the story than just 17,000 words. Could it be that the short story is just the tip of the iceberg and it could be expanded into more? And, I agree, writing is so much more fun than the editing (and querying: total buzzkill).

    • Frank Bishop says:

      There is more. It is a surprising revelation for me. I started with a general concept and it has/is growing, sneaky sneaky. Ideas and their oppressive need to be free, psssh who do they think they are?

      I’ve done a little querying, it is every bit as painful as advertised.

  2. Your passion for writing is inspiring. Looking forward to read more of your posts. The Governor’s picture was a bonus. If you’ll end up over the words that was required in the story, probably a sequel or a part 2 is meant to follow? I’m sure your readers would be excited to follow the evolution of the characters in your story. thanks for sharing.

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