Electronic Books and the Scammers

I was just recently asked why I don’t put any of my material on my blog. The answer is simple. I don’t want anybody to steal my stuff.

Although I very well might suffer from delusions of grandeur, I believe in what I am writing and feel it is unique and interesting. I don’t want anybody to copy and paste it, claim it as their own, then go places with it. I know that might seem like a bit of a stretch and I am probably being paranoid, but honest to goodness that is how i feel. Sample chapters of published material when/If I get published are fine, summaries are fine. They whet the appetite and give the reader a feel for how the writer operates before diving face first into imagination land. For now, it doesn’t strike me as a good idea.

The main reason for this paranoia? Click here and read this, then you will understand why.

Basically with Google changing the algorithm to avoid content farmers, they have set their sights upon the e-book market. These diabolical d-bags copy content, break it apart, and sell it on the kindle market for a couple bucks and collect a check. A few choice words come to mind but HORSESHIT seems the most accurate.

It has happened to Canadian writer S.K.S. Perry. Through his investigation and fight to protect his property and rights, Amazon has basically given him the shoulder. This is very scary. Until regulations to prevent piracy and scamming are placed, I stay leery about jumping into the e-book market this early on in my writing career.

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