Deadline June 1.

June 1 is the deadline. The very last day in which I can send my story to Writers of the Future. I have one short story complete, around eleven thousand words, and working on finishing another by Sunday. I’m not quite sure how long it will be but I’m guessing somewhere in the ballpark of fifteen thousand. ‘Killing my darling’ might cut it two or so thousand, but these are just rough estimates.

Then I have to decide, with the help of beta readers, which story is superior. It can be hard to judge your own work, especially when they are so fresh off the press. With the help of my editor and close friends I hope to have an answer within a week or so, provided they don’t take their sweet time reading. It is very exciting. It is an awesome feeling making headway on a narrative, having all the pieces fall into place. It gives me a sense of accomplishment I have seldom felt in life, probably a large reason why I like writing so much.

I skipped out on overtime at work today to focus on getting this story done. I have to clean a little and feed myself, but today and tomorrow for about six to seven hours I should be lost in that dream like state while I pound away at the keyboard.

Here are the titles of the two stories:

‘The Uncanny Blossom’

‘Violence Breeds Violence, Repression Breeds Retaliation’

Well, back to the grind. The sun is out and it is beautiful outside. Hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday.

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2 thoughts on “Deadline June 1.

  1. taureanw says:

    I have finished one novel and I couldn’t agree more in regards to the “feeling”. I have accomplished many things in my life but none of them have come close to the feeling I had when I finished my first book. You can watch movies and read books, but there is nothing like completing a journey that originated in your mind.

    • Frank Bishop says:

      It is true what they say about your books, they are your babies and you are their parent. You love them, watched them grow from nothing, guided them along, nurtured, and then watch them reach maturity. I think Chuck Wendig said it best, “You must stare down the dark canal of the narrative vagina till you see the crowning of your story baby.”

      Here! Here!

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