Seriously Marvel???

So venom is getting a reboot. I’ll let you decide if it is for the better or for the deepest parts of hell reserved for comic book bastardization.

This is the old venom:

This is the new venom:


Which is better? The new venom looks like a deadpool rip-off. I think that the redone image is stupid as hell. Speaking of deadpool…

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6 thoughts on “Seriously Marvel???

  1. I agree; the new Venom IS lame. What happened to the epic fangs of destruction?

  2. taureanw says:

    I will admit my FAVORITE spidey character is/was Venom. I was disappointed my Spiderman 3 and will admit I’m not too excited about the new comic iteration. When I think Venom I think primal. Give me some more of that!!

  3. the first version is the perfect illustration of its name Venom. Looks scary, deadly. the new version looks too tamed that it should be named Antidote or something!great post.

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