PhD Comic

Saw this at Mike Brotherton’s blog, had to pass it on.

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5 thoughts on “PhD Comic

  1. Alaric Rays says:

    Tis truly crazy stuff. Really makes me think of the Total Perspective Vortex from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. It is described as such ‘When you are put into the Vortex you are given just one momentary glimpse of the entire unimaginable infinity of creation, and somewhere in it a tiny little mark, a microscopic dot on a microscopic dot, which says, “You are here.”‘

    Mostly it destroys peoples brains. Would be a great lesson for some people to learn I believe.

    • Frank Bishop says:

      I agree. It would be even better if people learned that we still have a long way to go in understanding the universe. It is exciting to think of all the possibilities and I get wet thinking over the interesting little sciencey things that can be used in science fiction with each breakthrough.

      • Alaric Rays says:

        True but also, all the crazy crap on our own planet that we need to discover. I want to see some real creepy shit, and it is slowly being found, but oceans and deeeeeeep rain forest. Craziness. People just need to admit that we know nothing, and move forward from that point again. A nice reboot, save all current information and start without all the extra processes running.

      • Frank Bishop says:

        An intellectual societal colon cleansing if you will. I agree with exploring the oceans more. The fact we know more about the space around us than we do our own oceans is very daunting. There are many mysterious left in the ocean, hell for one sharks don’t get serious diseases or die of cancer, that is worth investigating more. Perhaps I was an old salty sea dog in a past life but I do believe the oceans could provide us with many a medical and technological breakthroughs if we pursued a little more in depth. That isn’t a scientific fact, just a gut feeling that could be wrong.

  2. […] things now? Our understanding is forever changing, daily if not hourly. Watch the PhD Comic here, we are still looking at the tail of the elephant, but we have no idea that it is an elephant. We […]

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