Portal 2, It went past 11

Portal 2 is fun to say the least, I find it somewhere between a barrel of horny monkeys and watching Rosanne Barr get hit with a log in the new Snickers commercial. At the beginning I did have some reservations though, I noticed that the level marker went to eleven and so I vaguely felt like my stomach was going to fall out of my ass because I had spent 64 dollars on a video game that was going to end very quickly, the ladies know what I’m talking about. In fact how quickly the first Portal ended was my only negative thought, aside from the lack of cake, oh the humanity! I haven’t beaten the game yet but I am several hours into the single player physics bending extravaganza. For those that have played/playing, I am after the potato fall and in the unintuitive nostalgic throwback adventure.

The game is already longer than I was originally giving it credit for, and the obstacles do get progressively harder. I would say in terms of difficulty,  the beginning of Portal 2 is a bit on par with the first game at the end and then proceeds to get harder. There is a point where your strategy is left up in the air, literally. Some of the obstacles you will have to overcome are so not obvious it is blindingly and frustratingly refreshing. I love that the game took more of a critical thinking direction towards a more real world sense and left the little mini diagrams explaining portal executions behind. Of course I can’t leave out all the humorous banter in P2. Wheatley, our shy little personality bot, helps us periodically and sprinkles a little humor and some witticisms on our portaling expedition. I don’t want to ruin the story for some so I will leave it there for now. So far the game is challenging, funny, and good old fashion mud-wrastling fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed Portal 2 and eagerly look forward to puzzle-solving games of this caliber.

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