Writers of the Future part 1, Green Lantern, and Aliens.

Last night I finished writing one of the prospects I will consider sending to Writers of the Future. This piece isn’t science fiction but fantasy….. with some science undertones. It is part of a larger universe that a friend and I are in the process of creating. We are still hammering out details of the world and have found writing short stories within the world really help set the tone and feel. It also forces us to really logically work out some of the varying aspects of the world; culture, religion, geography, civilizations, etc. I enjoyed writing this story and look forward to fully emerging myself more and exploring the combination of our imaginations. The both of us feel it has something new and different to add to the fantasy genre, it isn’t anything really strange like you might find in a China Mieville novel, maybe a little, but something that would fit snuggly in the ‘modern fantasy’ edge if you believe in labels. My editor (who doesn’t particularly care for fantasy or science fiction) said that she found the story to be engaging and flowing. This is good news for me, she is vocal in her critiques, because sometimes I find myself being a little long winded, perhaps I am improving as a writer. Having now completed this story I will set my sights upon a science fiction short story set in the same setting as my science fiction book. My goals are to: Complete it by Sunday, tweek both stories, and send to my beta readers for further feedback. I have till June 1st to make the deadline, and I feel this is very obtainable. The only catch is I can only submit one story per quarter. It is my dearest hopes that one of my obsessive face-to-keyboard mashings will turn into a winning entry.


On a completely and utterly different note, I have been seeing more advertisements for the new Green Lantern movie. Before I say anything I want to make it clear that I am a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, seriously I’m not gay but I’d turn for him. He is spearheading the Deadpool movie, which in my humble opinion he is the only person in the WORLD that can pull off Deadpool/Wade Wilson, which was promised to be rated R. Any other rating really wouldn’t do the movie justice, but this is an entirely different discussion. That being said, I really do not feel he is the right actor to play Hal. There is a fan made Green Lantern trailer with Nathan Fallion and boy it delivers. I got goose bumps watching it the first time a year or so ago. I think he fits the character perfectly. Aside from my opinion over the lead the up coming movie doesn’t look horrible, although i have reservations about the CGI suit. Here is a four minute trailer from Wondercon, this trailer made me change my opinion from no to maybe.


On another completely different topic, I am a huge Alien franchise fan. I love monster movies and these creepy bastards have always struck a primeval cord with me. It is hard to pin point specifically what it is about them I find so appealing, one idea I have always loved  is that they are the ultimate invasive species. The first movie scared the living shit out of me the first time I watched it, which was around 12 or 13, and the second one was an amazing nod to my favorite book of all time, Starship Troopers. The thought of an insect-like, eyeless, black skinned, double mouthed, stalking predator really sparked my interest in space. Since then I have always been supremely interested in astrophysics and whenever I read about new discovery about our universe, I nerdgasm. I know it is a little lame but my thoughts sometimes drift to strange solar systems and planets we have theorized or discovered and I ask myself something; What if there is some crazy double jawed alien waiting? So I will share with you some of my favorite Alien pictures.


A heart breaking tale of why you should never ever look into the alien egg.

Darwined Darwinism


So cute, awwww....





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