Writing, Dead Space 2, rabid epileptic spider monkeys, and Me

Being pregnant with many frustrations and ideas that I have yet to find a positive outlet for, I have succumbed to the blogging gods and tossed skepticism into the wind. With a ceremonious loin cloth, I hope in my journey from a no-name aspiring writer (I’m being optimistic here because I will more than likely be a perpetually struggling writer, see I already feel better), to being a professional I can oust some of my rants and share some rewarding experiences. Whether it be lessons on ‘what not to do’ or positive examples of the craft, I will give whom ever a little window into my mind, via con dios, for better or worse and general amusement. But writing isn’t the only thing I will write about, oh no! I will also talk about video games, review books, and talk randomly about arbitrary facets of life that i probably only care about.

Here are some things on my ‘to do list’:

  • Finish the final revisions of my scifi book
  • Finish the short story I have written for the Writers of the Future contest
  • Actively start in the next book with a close friend of mine
  • Start seeking literary representation
  • Find something to eat in which I wouldn’t have to put pants on for

Speaking of which, how about those platypuses, I wonder how they would taste cooked up? I am thinking brown some shallots and garlic, throw in a shank….. or loin….. covered with a lemon or orange juice with perhaps some boursin cheese and bake. That would probably be something amazing and morally bankrupt.
But I digress…..

I just recently beat Dead Space 2. Let me tell you that it was a hoot and a holler, literally I screamed like a little girl watching Dora the Explorer being horribly mauled by a pack of rabid epileptic spider monkey zombie things. I found several of the new action sequences to be fitting and enjoyable, the solar array dive was effing awesome. I am a little ashamed to admit it took me several tries to pass through, but I had fun failing or should I say exploding. The eye sequence at the end was ……….. it hurt to watch and the T-1000 invincible googly-eyed necro at the end kept pooping up so much I vaguely had the urge to apply herpasil to my television. DS2 carried the same feel and tone from the first game. It wasn’t innovative, it was just a damn good sequel to a damn good game. I did read that the powers that be are hoping to push the franchise in a Resident Evil action direction, which I am not sure about. I like the sense of abandonment and hopelessness that gives the game an edge of challenge, even if I failed at certain places, that I found to be lacking in the newer Resident Evils.

I had started the game on survivalist, much to my over inflated ego, just to be taken down a peg or seven at chapter nine. I found myself in a situation without any health and zero ammo by some incinerator platform. After many countless attempts to pass some lurkers (the babies with tentacles coming from their back) and the naked scorpion men, I took the difficulty down to normal. I beat the game a few hours later. I am not usually a person that replays the same game over on a different difficulty setting, but i find myself oddly curious about the experience again. Having beaten it I now have the option of replaying with my upgraded gear, this is what has piqued my interest. The game was enjoyable, scary, intense, dark, gritty, brutal, and damn fun to play. I give it 9 out of 10 rabid spider monkeys.

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2 thoughts on “Writing, Dead Space 2, rabid epileptic spider monkeys, and Me

  1. Clint says:

    I love the DS series, but ironically have never played the games myself. Read the novel, watched Downfall and scored the internet for every scrap of story and lore.

  2. Grand Foosah says:

    Well to be frank, Frank, I find your ideas and spontaneity interesting, but if you are going to be using the beautiful language that is Spanish, then get your stuff straight. It’s the small mistakes that will bite you in the ass and get assholes like me up there as well. So on that note, via = English and means to travel through, or a part of a path in transit. So you said ‘To go through it with God’ maybe you wanted to have at it with Him? We all know that a steeple is simply a representation of a phallus but maybe just maybe you love the phallus a bit too much. All that aside though I look forward to this blog of epileptic spider monkeys, so keep the ideas coming and the juices flowing. Maybe just get yourself an editor or at least a girlfriend with an English degree.

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