Entertaining yet disturbing….. just don’t look at it long…….

So I was browsing (multi-tab will be the death of all of us) through some funny pictures, trying to get a little laughter fiber in my daily diet when I came across this gem. At first I laughed at the absurdity then I became horrified and scarred by the implications as they took root. Batman was a facet in my wasted youth to say the least. I read the comics and watched the FIRST live action movie religiously as well as the animated series, Kevin Conroy will always be Batman to my ears. To spare you my nostalgia I’ll just say that there is a special place for the older Batman in the cockles of my heart somewhere. That isn’t to say the newer stuff isn’t as good,  Christian Bale did an awesome job in his two performances of the caped crusader but seriously that voice is like two grit sandpaper, but the newer comic books (with the exception of Gaiman’s  Death of the Caped Crusader) and the newer cartoons just don’t do it for me. Perhaps my memories of them are better than they actually were and I’m just getting old.

Somehow this seemingly innocent childhood memory of rushing home from the bus stop to catch the cartoon became tainted and it has greatly saddened me. So in proper accordance to the laws of the internets, i pass the buck to you. Click here at your own risk.

Also, another why Batman was awesome, codpiece. That is right he wore a codpiece. I greatly believe we should bring back the codpiece fashion movement.

Greet your day with a smiling codpiece!

The Batpiece

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